Hitter’s Pipe: A Great Addition to Any Smoker’s Collection

With a sleek, inconspicuous and stylish design, our Smoke Hitters Pipe will also enhance your smoking experience. Being one of our first pieces and best sellers in our line, join countless other satisfied customers and buy our Blunt-Hitters Online.


A must have piece in any collection is our one-hitter. It’s inconspicuous presence and ease of use make it the perfect accessory to carry with you anywhere. The one-hitter is crafted from the finest materials that prevent heat transfer, so no more burning your perfectly manicured fingertips. Made of durable, anodized aluminum, it comes in 3 modern luxurious colors. Designed to pack big hits, these are the perfect size for a quick toke anywhere.

Why Buy One-Hitter today?

One-Hitters or Blunt-Hitters have many advantages, including their compact size, which enables you to put them in your pocket or purse for smoking needs on the go. Whether you are heading into an important meeting and just want a small hit to quell your nerves, a One-Hitter or Blunt-Hitter is a perfect solution.

Choose Us for Your Hitters Collection!

Discover the TrueToke difference – you will soon find out that our products are a step above the rest in class and style. Unlike cheap imitations on the market that fall short, TrueToke will not disappoint. Make the switch to TrueToke and Shop Hitters Online and have your one-hitter pipe in the mail next week.

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