Classic Metal Rolling Trays


Our rolling trays, all, have raised edges that make it easy to keep everything exactly where you want it, on a flat surface or balance in your lap. Not only rolling trays extremely useful, but they also come in an awesome design like our Classic Metal Rolling Tray.

We make sure that rolling trays are enough big to roll a blunt or simply to organize your smoke materials, and other materials in one place. Our rolling trays are made of metal, as it's durable and super easy to clean in just a few seconds.

  • Size: 7.08" x 5.5"

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Why Use A Rolling Tray?

Rolling joints is an artform. Instead of using your coffee table or desk, upgrade your kit with a dedicated rolling tray. Our Rolling Trays For Sale will have you rolling like a pro in no time.

Best of all, our Metal Rolling Tray is the perfect size to roll blunts on your lap or desk. With raised edges to keep your flower in one place as you roll or just a place to organize your smoke materials, this is a useful and beautiful piece.

Don’t sacrifice style for quality. You can have both at TrueToke.

Why Choose Us?

Create a perfect rolling environment with Grinders, Grinder Cards, Rolling Papers, a Rolling Tray and high-quality smoking material. All of these products combine to allow you to create the perfectly rolled joint every time. Carry it with you in our Roll Protector, and smoke it with our Glass Filter Tip. Check out our entire collection and start building your set today.

Want a perfect Rolling Tray? Shop at TrueToke today!